Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Salary in Louisiana

According to a May 2014 report published by the United States Department of Labor, physical therapist assistants in Louisiana earned an average salary of $42,570 annually, which translated to an hourly wage of $20.47.

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Salaries for PTAs in Louisiana can increase depending upon experience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Louisiana Department of Labor indicated a base salary of $23,500 for PTAs just entering the field. By mid-career, PTAs in the state earned an average of $41,400 annually. Highly experienced and well-seasoned PTAs in Louisiana enjoyed a substantially higher average annual salary of $62,400.

Job Growth Projections for Physical Therapist Assistants in Louisiana

Beth Ward, President and Spokesperson of the Louisiana Physical Therapy Association (LPTA), recently reported on the overall employment outlook for physical therapist assistants statewide. In a September 2015 publication, the LPTA declared a promising future for those working in the physical therapy industry in Louisiana. Ward cited a rise in average salaries across the region and an expectation for vibrant job growth in the years to come.

A 2012 study performed by the Louisiana State Department of Labor (Research and Statistics) projected a 30% increase in jobs for physical therapist assistants by the year 2022. This influx should generate at least 50 new local job openings for PTAs each year.

Salaries for Physical Therapist Assistants in Louisiana’s Major Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Areas

The Louisiana Workforce Commission issued a report in 2014 that compared the median annual salaries of physical therapist assistants in various metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas throughout the state. PTAs in the capital city of Baton Rouge earned an average salary of $38,200 annually, while those employed in the major metropolitan region encompassing Shreveport and Bossier City earned $42,900. Surpassing these numbers are physical therapist assistants in Lafayette and New Orleans who earned an average annual salary of $47,400 and $52,100, respectively.

A detailed chart comparing the average annual wages of physical therapist assistants in various areas throughout Louisiana is posted below for comparative purposes. Data provided by the United States Department of Labor (2014).

Area name
Annual mean wage
Alexandria LA
Baton Rouge LA
Houma-Bayou Cane-Thibodaux LA
Estimate Not Released
Lafayette LA
Lake Charles LA
New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner LA
Shreveport-Bossier City LA
Natchitoches nonmetropolitan area
New Iberia nonmetropolitan area