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Our Mission and What We Offer

We all know the factors driving the increased demand for physiotherapy – a growing population of senior citizens that are living longer, better access to healthcare and therapeutic services, and a large population of military service men and women returning from foreign theaters with traumatic injuries. What isn’t quite so widely known is just how accessible a career in the field of physical therapy assisting can be for those dedicated enough to meet licensing requirements.

It wasn’t long ago that many of the professionals now working in the field were in your shoes – their minds set on pursuing a career in physical therapy assisting, but not sure of the exact steps to take to get there. And though they all came from different backgrounds, the story of their journey to becoming licensed and entering practice is quite similar.

PhysicalTherapistAssistantEDU.org is a resource dedicated solely to providing the information aspiring physical therapist assistants need to find accredited programs in their area, prepare for success on the national exam, and ultimately get their hands on that coveted state license.

From state licensing guides that offer step-by-step instructions on licensing requirements and processes outlined by state Boards of Physical Therapy, to information on specializations within the wider field of physical therapy, to state salary guides that provide the findings of surveys revealing the income PTAs can look forward to in different parts of the country, PhysicalTherapistAssistantEDU.org has everything aspiring PTA students need to earn a license and get their careers started.

We encourage anybody interested in learning more about what it takes to get started in a career in physical therapy assisting to use PhysicalTherapistAssistantEDU.org as their primary, go-to resource.