Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Salary in Iowa

Physical therapist assistants in Iowa earn an average annual salary of $47,140 according to a May 2014 report published by the United States Department of Labor. This annual salary was equal to an hourly wage of $22.66. In Iowa, salaries for PTAs increased considerably as they gained more experience and specialized training in areas like pediatrics, women’s health, clinical electrophysiology and more.

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In 2014, physical therapist assistants who had just recently passed the national exam to become licensed and entered the field at an entry-level pay scale earned average salaries between $32,610 and $39,840. Those on the higher end of this spectrum tended to work in major hospitals and larger clinics. That same year, PTAs practicing in their mid-career averaged an annual salary of $46,640, and those with a high level of experience earned between $55,790 and $62,180.

New Provisions in Iowa State Law Allows Patients Greater Access To Physical Therapy

In the first quarter of 2015, the Iowa Physical Therapy Association (IPTA) began working on a proposal for new legislation that would place strict limits on the amount of co-pays that insurance companies could require of patients seeking physical therapy. High co-pays were a major factor in keeping patients from getting the physical therapy care they needed.

The proposal was successful, and in July 2015, Iowa Governor Terry E. Brandstad approved the motion, thus allowing greater access to physical therapy for patients all across the state. Because of this, countless more jobs are expected to open up for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in many regions throughout Iowa in order to meet the demand that will result from more people seeking therapeutic and rehabilitative services.

Average Annual Salaries for PTAs in Iowa’s Major Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Areas

In 2014, salary data gathered by the U.S. Department of Labor revealed average earnings for physical therapist assistants all across the state of Iowa. The study indicated a small difference in salaries depending upon the region in which they worked.

As an example, PTAs who worked in Cedar Rapids earned an average annual salary of $46,390, or $22.31 per hour, in 2014. Just 90 miles east, in the Davenport-Moline-Rock Island area, PTAs earned an average salary of $51,430 ($24.73/hr). Additionally, those who worked in the Southwest Iowa non-metropolitan area enjoyed, on average, an annual salary of $52,450 ($25.21/hr).

For more details of area-specific salaries, including other regions in Iowa, please refer to the chart below. All data provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, May 2014.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Cedar Rapids IA
Davenport-Moline-Rock Island IA-IL
Des Moines-West Des Moines IA
Iowa City IA
Estimate Not Released
Sioux City IA-NE-SD
Waterloo-Cedar Falls IA
Northeast Iowa nonmetropolitan area
Estimate Not Released
Northwest Iowa nonmetropolitan area
Southwest Iowa nonmetropolitan area
Southeast Iowa nonmetropolitan area