Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Salary in Connecticut

According to the United States Department of Labor, physical therapy assisting was listed among the top 30 highest-paid professions in Connecticut as of 2014 that requires just a two-year/associate’s degree. That year, physical therapist assistants working in the state earned an average annual salary of $56,400 and an average hourly wage of $27.11.

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Job Growth Expectations for PTAs in Connecticut

The number of physical therapist assistants employed in Connecticut is expected to rise from 540 in 2012 to 740 by 2022. This 37% employment growth rate is expected to open approximately 30 annual job openings during this projection period. This qualifies physical therapy assisting as the second fastest-growing occupation in Connecticut.

In October 2015, the following employers posted online job advertisements in search of physical therapist assistants throughout Connecticut (shown for illustrative purposes only):

  • Hartford HealthCare Senior Services
  • Centra Healthcare Solutions
  • Blue Royal
  • ActiveRX Trumbull
  • HealthPRO Rehabilitation
  • Synergy Therapy Services
  • Bride Brook Health & Rehabilitation Center
  • Mount Sinai Rehab Hospital
  • MTX Therapy Services
  • Core Medical Group


Connecticut Employers Pay More for Experienced Physical Therapist Assistants

Many employers use experience as a guideline when determining physical therapist assistant salaries in Connecticut. As a result, physical therapist assistants are encourage to access several avenues to accumulate as much field experience as possible. Internships, volunteer positions, paid jobs, college courses, and formal training programs are all popular ways for physical therapist assistants to gain the type of expertise that future employers are willing to pay handsomely for in Connecticut.

In 2014, the United States Department of Labor reported that entry-level physical therapist assistants in Connecticut earned an average annual salary of $23,200 and an average hourly wage of $11.14. Mid-level physical therapist assistants with several years of experience received an average annual salary of $56,400 and an average hourly wage of $27.11. Meanwhile, the most experienced physical therapist assistants took home an even greater average annual salary of $75,300 and an average hourly wage of $36.18.

Physical Therapist Assistant Salaries Across Connecticut

Most physical therapist assistants overlook how their geographic location of employment can affect their salary potential in Connecticut. Many localities in Connecticut base their salary offers on local demand, financial resources, and the availability of job candidates. In 2014, the Connecticut Department of Labor released salary statistics for physical therapist assistants employed in the following areas of the state (shown as the average salary for each area):

  • Bridgeport/Stamford: $63,927
  • Danbury: $36,827
  • Hartford: $52,932
  • New Haven: $55,732
  • New London/Norwich: $40,302
  • Waterbury: $49,314

The following data table provides a more extensive analysis of salary and wage figures for physical therapist assistants working in these same metropolitan regions of Connecticut (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014):

Area name
Annual mean wage
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk CT
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford CT
New Haven CT
Norwich-New London CT-RI

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